Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during the Stockholm conference Nordic Business Forum stated that he had sold all the bitcoins at the price peak because “he was tired of the hype around the industry”. Reported by Business Insider Nordic.

According to him, “for the sake of experiment”, he acquired a certain amount of cryptocurrencies for about $700.

“My goal was to go to places like Stockholm and visit restaurants and hotels that accepts only BTC. I wanted to use only bitcoin while traveling” — said Wozniak the reason for buying cryptocurrency.

Then, according to the publication, the legendary Apple co-founder sold all his “digital gold” at levels close to the historical maximum in the region of $20 000.

“When it [bitcoin] fired up, I said I didn’t want to be one of those who constantly monitoring numbers and constantly worried. I don’t want in my life had similar concerns. One of the components of my happiness is the absence of worries. That’s why I sold it, simply get rid of them” — said Wozniak.

Earlier, Steve Wozniak talked about how fraudsters stole seven bitcoins.