At a technology conference in Vienna WeAreDevelopers Steve Wozniak compared the blockchain-Ethereum platform with Apple. This writes Forbes.

Speaking at the conference, Wozniak spoke positively about the prospects of Ethereum, noting that the blockchain platform has certain similarities with based company, and influential.

“Ethereum is interested in me because he can do different things and is the platform”, said Wozniak.

According to Forbes, Wozniak got rid of their crypto-currency savings a few months ago, leaving a 1 BTC and 2 ether “to experiment with payment for various things.”

During his welcome speech at the conference this Thursday Wozniak called the blockchain “great idea” and “the next major revolution in IT that’s going to happen.” In his view, bitcoin and the blockchain grow to their full potential over the next decade.

In October last year, Apple cofounder made the comment about bitcoin, saying that bitcoin outperforms gold and the US dollar.