Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) on the blockchain conference ChainXchange in Las Vegas, said he plans for the first time to participate in the blockchain startup.

“Very soon I will be involved in a blockchain company… Our approach is not to create a new currency or some fake project, the price of which will form a high-profile event. This is a package of shares of the company, which invests through investors with an impressive track record in such things, as, for example, the construction of apartments in Dubai,” he said.

From these words we can conclude that the interest of Wozniak were attracted to the project Equi Capital created by the Baroness Michelle Mon (Michelle Mone) and billionaire Douglas Barrowmans (Douglas Barrowman). Related company from UAE Aston Development started to sell apartments in 40-storey building in the Science Park in Dubai bitcoin in September last year. And in February this year, the pair launched its own cryptocurrency Equi on the basis of Еthereum to “inspire women to invest in industry technologies.”

In addition, Wozniak expressed his admiration of blockchain technology, which he likened to the attitude to the Internet at the dawn of its inception. Wozniak sees the value of innovation in all spheres of life, but notes that not everyone can share his point of view – just as his time was with the Internet.

We will remind that in June at a technology conference NEX in new York Wozniak said that the hype around blockchain technology is akin to the “bubble” burst. And earlier he predicted the blockchain-Ethereum platform a repeat of Apple’s success.