A veteran of wall street Steve Eisman (Steve Eisman), which became the prototype of the hero of the bestselling “shorting” (The Big Short), joined the critics of bitcoin and said that the cryptocurrency “does not make sense”.

Now a portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman, Eisman was one of the few hedge Fund managers who predicted the mortgage crisis in the United States. Bets on falling stocks allowed him to earn millions of dollars.

Steve Eisman became the prototype of the hero of the book by Michael Lewis (Michael Lewis) “Great game for a fall. Secret springs of financial catastrophe”, which in 2015 was withdrawn by the Oscar-winning film.

Frame from the film “shorting”. Actor Steve Carrel (Steve Carell) is the Manager of a hedge Fund, the prototype of which was Steve Eisman.

Speaking at the annual conference of the CFA Institute in Hong Kong, Asman said that the price increase of bitcoin feeds on nothing but “speculation and fraud.”

“I don’t see any sense in it. What value adds cryptocurrency? No one can answer that question,” said Steve Eisman.

A similar opinion about bitcoin previously expressed by other veterans of wall street, in particular Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) and Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett). A week ago, Buffett said in the program Squawk Box on CNBC that bitcoin is “an asset that creates nothing”. He was supported by participating in it bill gates (Bill Gates), who called the cryptocurrency “a pure example of the greater fool theory”.

Steve Eisman in his speech also wondered why the government does not regulate the cryptocurrency market “to a greater degree.” However, he admitted that he never bought any cryptocurrencies, and not interested in it.

“I don’t touch it. I don’t know what to expect from them. I’m not interested”, — said Eismann.