Chinese state TV channel CCTV said that the value of the blockchain “is 10 times higher than that of the Internet.”

Last Sunday aired the program “Dialogue”, which took place one hour presentation devoted to training a wide audience the basics of blockchain technology.

The discussions were also attended by prominent industry representatives, including well-known businessman don Tapscott, Director of cloud networking giant Xunlei Chen Lei and founder of venture Capital firm Danhua Zhang Sochana.

Tapscott, and Chen has explained the concept of the blockchain, a leading Chen Weijun suggested that the technology of the distributed registry represents the “second phase” of the Internet and 10 times more significant than its predecessor.

“While the real value of the Internet is aggregation of different information in one place, we are now entering an era when information is decentralized, and people can own individual data. This is the real value of the blockchain, which makes it awesome” — spoke, Sochan.

The panelists also did not escape criticism and emerging technologies, speaking on the topic of ICO.

Recall that in late may, Chinese President XI Jinping for the first time in a positive way in favor of the technology of the distributed registry, while acknowledging its disruptive potential.