Blockchain project Streamr presented Monoplasma technology, which can solve the problem of scalability of Ethereum, and to protect it from the risk of re-debiting. Chapter Streamr Henry was Penkala (Henri Pihkala) stressed that the open source will be particularly useful for those who often spends airdrop, the distribution of dividends or other campaigns associated with sending funds from one address to many others.

In Streamr intend to use Monoplasma for mass sales provide data on the blockchain.

So proud to release Monoplasma, our scalable one-to-many payment solution, at @EthereumDenver. The code is now open and ready for anyone to deploy so pls RT + cc projects you think might need this! #ETHDenver

— Streamr (@streamr) February 18, 2019

We will remind that Vitaly Buterin and Joseph POON in August 2017, has developed the concept of Protocol Like Plasma, and practical implementation, she received almost six months later. In early January, the developers of Ethereum Foundation in conjunction with the start-up Matter Inc. launched Ignis solutions for scaling on the basis of Plasma technology and ZKSNARKs the test network. It is able to achieve a throughput of 500 transactions per second or more.