The company Tagnem introduced the first “bitcoin Bank”. They can be purchased in Singapore. The developers call their product “smart bills” which is a card with a chip S3D350A from Samsung.

With real bills, they share only the fact that they can be provided as physically c a fixed payment denominated in bitcoin (0.01 and 0.05 BTC), and in fact it is offline cold wallets with your private key. According to a post on Tangem Medium, the technology of the chip is protected from “all known attacks at the hardware and software level,” and the cost of hacking one note “economically viable”.

The advantage of this method of payment can be quick and easy, and no commissions. The cons are the same as cash, there is a potential risk of theft and limited transmission distance.

The issue of global demand for this product remains because many, on the contrary, want to get rid of cash bills in my pocket, a fixed value during volatile bitcoin in practice will severely limit the number of actual payments.