American blockchain startup ConsenSys conducted a comprehensive study of the state of Ethereum. About this in his Twitter wrote head of the company and co-founder of the platform Joe Lubin.

The stats don’t lie. Transaction throughput, unique address growth, scaling solutions, node count, community involvement, government adoption, dApp development. Web 3.0 and #Ethereum are on the rise.

— Joseph Lubin (@ethereumJoseph) on 1 June 2018.

“Statistics don’t lie. Bandwidth, increase in the number of unique addresses, solutions to scaling problems, calculating gcd, community engagement, the introduction States, the development of decentralized applications. The Ethereum and web 3.0 moving forward”, — said Lubin.

Over the past two years, Google has introduced the word “Ethereum” in the search more than 110 million times. While the hashtag #ethereum average of 20 thousand times a day.

Since its inception, the Ethereum network has processed 240 million transactions, and on 4 January this year was made a record number of transactions — over 1.3 million in 24 hours.


It is worth emphasizing that the number of unique ETH address is 35 million, on 4 January the number of active addresses for the first time broke the mark of 1 million was also registered 350 thousand addresses during the day.


The Ethereum blockchain support 17 000 nodes, placed on six continents.


If we talk about ranking of tokens by market capitalization, 94% of first hundred is built on top of Ethereum using a standard ERC-20. 800 tokens — 87% established on the basis of Ethereum.

The Ethereum community has a population of approximately 250,000 people. On GitHub created 14 400 repositories, and over 220,000 commits on the project. Note the number of service users MetaMask crossed the mark of 1 million

Non-profit consortium Ethereum Enterprise Alliance was founded at the end of February 2017 thirty members. At the moment, the organization has grown to more than 500 participants.

Add the number of running decentralized applications, Ethereum is 1,552 and more are under development.

In addition, many developers are working on a solution to the problem of scaling and create a second levels: Cosmos, Loom Network, Plasma and others.

In ConsenSys absolutely believe that Ethereum is a “decentralized future” and “web 3.0”.

Earlier, the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that in the long term, Ethereum may be equally influential as the largest market capitalization company in the world , the origins of which he stood.