Someone not from the industry probably wondered, what is a virtual machine. Machine which virtual? Of course not.
The value “VM” is different and much more complex than the name itself. A virtual machine (VM) emulation computer system with the functionality of the hardware (iron) and works in an isolated environment.

1. As VM is running?

First, reflecting the existing OS virtual system has the same functionality as any Windows OS. In a virtual system, all operations are performed within a sandbox environment where you can install and run software, store data, have a independent Desk, without affecting the existing system. Also, there is a virtual OS that allow you to easily switch between the current OS and the mirrored version.
What is a virtual system?
The differences between the virtual system and a virtual machine: start the virtual system takes much less time than Windows OS and software can run faster without affecting the operation of your computer given that the operating speed of a virtual machine is much slower, since it should reproduce the basic set of instructions the hardware. A virtual system can only play back an identical environment with the current OS when the virtual machine is able to reproduce another OS.
Comparable to OS, the virtual machine is responsible for the reproduction of the operating environment and APP operating system. Similarly, when you make repairs in the house before you make furniture, you always throw a plan that, like our virtual machine.

2. Now let’s meet the Fund “Tron Foundation”, which has just introduced a new version of its virtual machine.

In the first half of 2018 launch test version of the virtual machine Tron has become a big sensation in the industry of the blockchain. TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) is a lightweight, full virtual Turing machine, designed for the development of ecosystems Tron. It is expected that TVM will be able to provide millions of developers world system under the order, which is effective, convenient, stable, secure, and scalable for the blockchain.
TVM can easily be connected to the existing ecosystem development, support DPOS. TVM compatible with EVM in its initial stages. Instead of learning a new programming language, developers can develop, debug, and create smart contracts in the Remix environment, Solidity and/or other languages with which they are familiar. Once the smart contract is loaded in mainnet TRON, it will be executed in the TVM of the Super Node and remains isolated from external connections.
In addition, TVM is the principle of bandwidth. Unlike gas, mechanism Ethereum”s EVM, transfers and transactions smart-contracts in TVM are not tokens. Technically, the bandwidth computation in TVM is not restricted total number of tokens.
Sounds cool, right? But it only features a test version of TVM. The official TVM that will start – much more powerful.
A convenience for developers and security new versions will be strengthened to improve the efficiency and security of the development of smart contracts. It is said that, as a middle level, the final implementation of the TVM would be compatible with Ethereum VM and EOS to attract more developers to the ecosystem of Tron.

3. More and more people become familiar with the idea of the blockchain. With the popularization of the blockchain technology and related ideas, the introduction of the blockchain can be found in an increasing number of applications. Technology transformerait our mentality and products, in turn, our thinking leads to new innovations.
As the basis of the blockchain technology, virtual machine is also developing.
Embedded virtual machines in the blockchain reflect the need for the development of the blockchain. This evolution accurately describes the progress of blockchain technology. Now the development VM is not only better supports DAPP, but also indicates the importance of DAPP.
Judging from the development of the blockchain to the VM, we can say that the future of the blockchain does not lie in the smart contracts that work in the VM, and the VM intelligence. Leading the development of the blockchain, Tron will continue to surprise the industry.