The St. Petersburg city court overturned the decision to block the website publishing news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to Roskomsvoboda.

The resource was able to successfully challenge the previous decision of the district court on the recognition of the posted information is illegal in Russia.

“City court of Petersburg has cancelled the decision of the district court’s recognition of the information posted on the website prohibited for consideration”, — said the press service of the court.

Two years ago Bitcoininfo was blocked by a court at the request of the local Prosecutor’s office, he was defended by lawyers Roskomsnab and digital rights. They restored the period of appeal and went to the court of appeal, but in February 2017, the St. Petersburg city court decided to leave the appeal complaint of the owner Bitcoininfo without consideration on the merits, it is concluded that the site owner has no right to appeal the court decision.

“Roskomnadzor supported the court’s decision to ban the dissemination of information about bitcoin and in fact called for a ban of circulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia”, — noted in the Roskomsvoboda.

The complaint of the owner of the website on the decision to block was considered by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. He was satisfied and in April this year sent the case back for appeal consideration in city court of Petersburg.

“Thanks to April’s definition of the armed forces in this case the approach of St. Petersburg the appeal on this issue has changed. The decision of the Vyborg court reversed and sent the case for retrial to the first instance with a different composition. The Prosecutor, taking into account the position of the armed forces, against the abolition of the decisions have no objections”, — said the lawyer of the Center of digital rights Ekaterina abashina.

The representative of the site owner Sarkis Darbinyan earlier told TASS that according to the statements of the Prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg blocked about 100 sites devoted to the cryptocurrency.

He also noted that consideration of the application of the Prosecutor, in practice, takes place without the involvement of the site owners, they are not pre-sent the requirement to remove the forbidden information, and the city court after the actual blocking of sites refuses to accept the appeal.

Recall last summer’s decision of October district court of St. Petersburg was blocked 40 Russian online cryptocurrency exchangers.