Special agent of the U.S. Administration on control over application of laws on drugs (DEA) Lilita Infante (Infante Lilita), which 5 years were analyzed using bitcoin in criminal activities, came to the conclusion that during this time the percentage of operations with this cryptocurrency carried out by criminal elements, has decreased from 90% to 10%.

Thus the total volume of crypto currencies in this area, and the number of speculative transactions with bitcoin has grown significantly. Special agent emphasizes that in the criminal environment have not reduced their use of cryptophyta, but in General the ratio of transactions in illegal and legal order has changed.

Infante also stated that the blockchain technology provides a variety of opportunities to identify people, but because she wished to representatives of the criminal world have continued to use the cryptocurrency.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the governmental authorities of the United Kingdom acknowledged low risk of terrorism financing through cryptocurrency. Also they pointed out that crypto currencies are used to launder “small amounts in large volumes”. And in the beginning of the year at the hearings on the judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate on the modernization of the laws on combating money laundering, it was felt that only small percentage of illegal financial transactions through cryptocurrency.