Mining pool Sparkpool reported that he was able to verify the sender Ethereum transactions with unusually high Commission and returned to him half of the mistakenly sent funds. This writes CoinDesk.

According to representatives of the pool on February 25, they received an email from an anonymous user stating that on February 19 he sent a transaction, by mistake 2 paying 100 ETH (at the time about $300 000) as a Commission. This is 600 times higher than the standard at the time the reward network 3 ETH.

To ensure that the user actually made the transaction, Sparkpool asked him to send on the specified address pool ETH 0.022517 from the same address, from which was made the erroneous transaction.

According to the data Etherscan, at 09:15 UTC of the same day the user actually sent the said amount to the pool, after which the parties began to discuss the further steps for refund. In the end, they agreed that Sparkpool leaves half of the Commission with the cooperating pool of miners, and the second half returns to the sender.

By accepting these terms, Monday, March 11, the sender with his address 0.666 ETH with a hash included in the transaction commentary:

“Thank you SparkPool and your miners that helped us to offset the losses. As a thank you for your honesty, we are ready to share half of 2 100 ETH with the miners”.


— sparkpool (@sparkpool_eth) March 11, 2019

Today Sparkpool returned 1 050 ETH hapless user, which, as stated, was a member of one of South Korea’s blockchain-companies.