Mining-pool Sparkpool who was lucky enough to add to the Ethereum blockchain transaction fee of 2 100 ETH, waiting for the treatment of the sender’s transactions to work with him to make a decision about the future of the funds received, writes CoinDesk.

The company on Wednesday informed the team of miners that she would hold the resulting cryptocurrency worth about $300 000, suggesting that the payment of so large a fee could be made by mistake.

“Sparkpool recently got a block with 2 100 ETH as a reward for the miner, which is a deviation from the norm that triggered the emergency response. We have temporarily blocked these funds and wait until the sender of the transaction will get in touch with us to find a solution. If the sender does not appeal to us in a few days, we will distribute these funds in favor of the miners, to whom they are due,” wrote the company.

CEO Sparkpool Xing Xu said that the decision is caused by considerable volume of funds received and supported by users and miners company.

“Unfortunately or fortunately, the blockchain is not currently relies entirely on computers. People continue to participate in the process, so we have the opportunity to correct the error. Honesty is the priority of our pool,” he added.

While some users suggested that a large Commission was paid in error, others admitted that it could be a gesture of goodwill of an anonymous donor in relation to the community of miners, or even an attempt to launder money through the blockchain cryptocurrencies.

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