In a five star hotel in nice two attacker made a deal with a bitcoin millionaire from South Korea working in the cryptocurrency business in Singapore and who gave them the bitcoins to $2.3 m per pack printed on the printer of banknotes of 500 euros. The scammers could lull a potential victim, promising to make a major investment in his company.

The victim reported the incident to the police and later the police arrested in Cannes one of fraud, a citizen of Serbia, to the moment in time to spend the cryptocurrency on a watch valued at $110 thousand and an expensive sports car. The second participant of the Scam until delay did not work, he is on the run.

We will remind that two weeks ago, the Thai police during filming arrested the actor Geratest Garabieta (Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit) on suspicion of laundering funds obtained illegally. At the end of July in the local court received the complaint of the citizen of Finland AARNI, Saaremaa Otava (Otava Aarni Saarimaa), who stated that Jaravia lured foreigners 797 million baht ($24 million) in bitcoins under the guise of investment in a promising company.