Technology giant Sony Corporation has announced that it is developing a blockchain system to protect rights to digital content. The goal is to create an efficient way to manage property rights on a variety of written work, is protected by copyright.

The company’s statement reads:

Progress in technologies of creation of digital content now allows everyone to broadcast such content and to share them. However, rights management is traditionally carried out by sectoral organisations or by the creators themselves. Thus, a more efficient way to manage copyright on written information and demonstrations of these rights.

The new system will provide the ability to store and display key information such as the date and time of creation of digital data. It will be based on the ability of blockchain technology to record information and keep them intact that will allow you to identify work, pointing to their authorship and time of creation.

In addition to storing such data, the platform will automatically check the rights on written works, and will provide rights to various types of digital content: e-textbooks, educational material, music, movies, virtual reality objects, electronic books, etc.

When working on a new system the company plans to use its previous blockchain development in the area of authentication, sharing of educational data and control rights to them.