ASKfm is a site of questions and answers was launched in June 2010. This social network was created in Latvia as a competitor Formspring. After registration the user fills in the form and can begin his own name or anonymously responding to others ‘ questions and ask your own. ASKfm is integrated with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and Tumblr.

Recently, ASKfm again took the initiative of holding ICO. “Again” means that they have in the past encouraged users to climb mount Everest in search of digital tokens. This action was designed to beat an expression of price, soaring to heaven (or the moon).

In the course of a climb killed the Explorer, then the number of people wishing to participate in the project declined sharply, and the company’s reputation suffered.

Now ASKfm took up the old, slightly adjusting the idea. The first of the new campaign, reported the Financial Times. This time the participants will need to look for tokens in the highlands in Scotland. Giving the term “airdrop” the literal meaning of the Latvian social network with the help of the British company Skyrora that produces the technical means to launch satellites, was dropped by parachute cryptocurrency wallet Ledger Nano S. After landing, the members of the project team buried it in the ground in an unknown location.

As ASKfm claims, the value of the coins in the purse is $100,000. However, while the ICO has not started because not officially registered. Accordingly, the true cost of the token cannot be confirmed.

Whatever it was, lying somewhere in the mountains of the free tokens will surely arouse excitement among fans of the cryptocurrency and extreme. However, for industry the ICO is more harm than good: if something again goes wrong, her reputation can be caused noticeable damage. However, in comparison with the Himalayan adventure treasure hunt in Scotland — it’s an easy walk.

According to the materials of the Independent Republic