Saturday — a time to remember that all kriptonyte stupid joke, but we’re parrots.

And today, bitcoin has brought us a bear market (how unexpected!) and stupid memes (but it let’s!):

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 7 Feb 2019

Will pacapausa the technical analysis and driven:

those technical traders!!! from r/bitcoinmemes

Already feeling an endless scream piercing nature?

2019 the sponsor of your good mood.

…add a pinch of the excesses of the regulators:

…and “profitable” mining:

A bit of news. Cryptocurrency developers are struggling to stay afloat. The Grin collects €55 000 for the further development of the network. But NEM Foundation decided to go further, asking for rescue from bankruptcy of $7.5 million.

Has not passed also two months as was confirmed by the death of the founder of the canadian exchange QuadrigaCX Gerald Cotto, who, according to some, took with him to the grave access to cold wallets with $190 million, And this amount seems so close, just within arm’s reach…

Someone can help?

— Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) 6 Feb 2019

Life is an unpredictable thing. Take care of your favorite:

…and watch out their favorite:

To finish would like in the style of an Indian fighter, exciting and daring as our dreams of borane:

We care about you, the reader, and I want to notify only about the most important. Push!

crypto marketers be like… from r/bitcoinmemes