Singer and music producer Akon at the international festival of creativity Cannes lions has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency Akoin. Reported by Page Six.

According to the author of the hit “Smack That”, this digital currency will be used in his “own krypterade” Akon Crypto City. The city itself, says acorn, already under construction. It is located in Senegal, on an area of 2,000 acres, given to the singer by the President of the Maquis Sully.

“I think blockchain and cryptocurrency could be the saviors for Africa in various fields as they return power to the people, and currency system — security. They also give people the opportunity to cultivate, not allowing governments to interfere with this process”, — shared his thoughts singer.

On the project website Akoin it is reported that the main feature of “cryptoguard” will be that he “100% will be based on cryptocurrency”. Also on this Internet-site States that the city will be all necessary for a full life infrastructure — houses, shops, parks, universities, schools, universities, etc.

“I come with concepts and allow geeks to deal with them”, — said 45-year-old actor and public figure.

Akon hails from Senegal and has become best known as a singer. However, years later he focused on assistance to African communities. In particular, in 2014, he launched the Akon Lighting Africa project aimed at addressing problems with electricity supply.

“Start your career with, what are you good at… not what you want to do. Build a career, and then go in pursuit of your passion” — shared by the Council of the eikon.

Recall, created by singer and presenter Olga Buzova project Buzar collected less than 0.1% of the planned amount.