The company’s specialists Carbon Black employed in the field of cybersecurity, said that according to their calculations, with the beginning of 2018, the attackers stole more than $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency. With this they emphasize that often we are not talking about criminal groups and ordinary users. In Carbon Black counted in darkwave 12 thousand 34 sites with thousands of proposals, which can be used for theft of funds, even far from hacking and technology person.

The price of malware can start from the level of $1.04, on average, it costs $224 and has custom support. In General, this market the company was valued at $6.7 million Theft often do unemployed engineers who are looking for any earnings, as well as organised groupings.

“In many countries teach programming, but there is no work… So it can be two people from Romania who have to pay the rent,” – says Rick Elroy (Rick McElroy) of Carbon Black.

Most often attacks of the crypto currency exchange: they accounted for 27% of the activity of intruders. 21% of attacks linked to attacks on companies: attackers often hack into the internal system and require cryptocurrency as a ransom.

While bitcoins prefer 10% hackers, Ethereum – 11%, and Monero – 44%. As for geography, most of the incidents recorded in the United States (24), China (10) and the UK (8).

We will remind that two weeks ago, a non-profit organization Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has published a report according to which from the beginning of 2017, the criminals stole about $1.2 billion in bitcoin.