Hey, this is cryptogamy, chuvaaak) And we know that you will say:

No, well without the cue ball? After all, the weekly chart for the first cryptocurrency to have formed a bullish pattern of “Inverted hammer”. A small candle body consisted of the difference between the opening price of $6183 and closing at $6415. The fluctuation of bitcoin prices remain extremely low. Everything is stable.

Lol from r/bitcoinmemes

So, as expected, traders are bored:


— Crypto฿ull (@CryptoBull) October 26, 2018

At least in the violas go:

Oh, these game coins:

It is important not to play too:


— StopAndDecrypt (@StopAndDecrypt) 25 Oct 2018

Trading is not a death sentence, they said:

12 yrs. later. from r/cryptomemes

Because hudlite is not like this:

HODL AND HODL until you die. from r/cryptomemes

In General, be prudent:

And we have a joke:

Earlier in the week, bitcoin enthusiast Andrew the Great in his Facebook offered to compose sayings for the crypto community.

In fact, the results:

That’s all, see you next Saturday) And don’t forget about the beautiful:

Made this piece in December of 2017, the height of the #bitcoin bull market. She wears a bull bear mask to represent both sides of the market. The bear has been winning the past few months but lets hope the bull wakes up soon! #crypto #ethereum #art #cryptoart pic.twitter.com/FJanBxqS1C

— josie (@josiebellini) 22 Oct 2018

by @waldheim_x https://t.co/ze4ur5jBxj pic.twitter.com/F3MKf0W9Et

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 23 Oct 2018

by @art_of_blockchain https://t.co/Hs56IP0cgQ pic.twitter.com/yXV789jsw3

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 25 Oct 2018

Done with the last re-paint for the @WorldCryptoCon Show “Soldier Of Fortune”. #Bitcoin #Southpark #cryptoart pic.twitter.com/DGURxQ9Ly4

— VESA (@artbyvesa) 24 Oct 2018

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