The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday issued a notice, in accordance with which to process an application for the creation of exchange traded Fund (ETF) designed by VanEck in conjunction with the BZX Exchange and the Cboe SolidX, can be used all the available time in accordance with the requirements of the law.

“The Commission considers it appropriate to allocate a longer period for approval or disapproval of proposed rule changes to allow sufficient time for consideration of proposals to change the rules,” she writes.

Application VanEck was issued on 20 June. On 7 August, the SEC announced that it would continue to consider her because she wasn’t ready to make a decision at that moment, and on 21 September urged the public to give comments about it.

“As of 6 December 2018, the Commission received more than 1,600 comments,” reports the controller.

The maximum allotted for the SEC in such cases, the period is 240 days.

“Accordingly, the Commission designates February 27, 2019, the date by which it must approve or not approve the proposed change of rules”, – says the publication.

Previously, the SEC Commissioner Hester Pearce, occupying a loyal position in relation to the industry of cryptocurrencies, announced that a positive decision can be made tomorrow, maybe in 20 years. However, she called the fact of approval, “of course, is possible.”

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