Companies that raise funds through the sale of digital tokens, should not have any illusions and think that the government will treat them differently than the firms participating in the market of traditional securities. This statement Wednesday, June 6, was made head of the Commission on the securities and exchange USA Jay Clayton, writes Bloomberg.

Giving more than a clear signal that fighting the SEC with fraudulent ICO is just beginning, he also noted that there are already examples of how dishonest the players, first by convincing investors to part with their money, subsequently left the United States.

“I’m not going to change our approach to the proposals for trading in securities just because someone you put it in the form of tokens. I defend the integrity of the market. And the behavior that we see [this market], very bad. Guys with bags of money who want to escape across the border – we know about you”, said Jay Clayton.

In recent months, the SEC stopped a number of ICO, accusing them of fraud. Also, allegedly for educational purposes, the Department has launched a website to promote a non-existent fraudulent ICO HoweyCoin.

In April, an authorized employee of the Commission Robert Jackson said that the cryptocurrency market is still “full of alarming events”, expressing the view that the ICO market needs to be regulated and the main priority should be the protection of investors.

A little earlier J. Clayton said that the work of the platform for trading of cryptocurrencies can be improved through the application to them of certain principles of regulation of the stock market.