The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) decided to demonstrate the potential kriptosistem a typical website, which is created by scammers to raise funds for “promising” ICO projects.

Resource devoted to fictional cryptocurrency HoweyCoin, uses the basic elements of such sites, including the whitepaper. The project team presented a set of photographs of fictional characters, and recommending that Twitter users do not conduct activity in social networks. However, on the website investors with promise of different types of discounts on presale, 1-2% of the profits and recommend not to sell the tokens.

In HoweyCoins we use the latest cryptologie, which allow travelers to buy all the segments without restrictions, and the holders HoweyCoin – buy, sell and trade without interference in the working environment that using HoweyCoin they acquire a travel OR supported by the government freely traded investment, or both!

On the main resource page is a countdown to the end of the bonus presales. Those who decide to invest in a new token, redirect to a special educational website SEC.

Recall that the SEC brought fraud on the market of cryptocurrencies and ICO priorities for 2018 and the beginning of a large-scale trial of the regulator in relation to ICO, rasola agenda at least 80 recipients. In early may, Commissioner, SEC Robert Jackson (Robert Jackson) said that the cryptocurrency market “is full of disturbing events” and the main priority for the regulator is to protect the interests of investors in the cryptocurrency.