The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) continued the work started earlier this year investigating the activities of the ICO projects and, again, massively sent subpoenas to the organizers. Basically, the attention of the regulator facing the companies that did not provide sufficient evidence that the offered tokens exclusively to accredited investors.

As it became known sources Yahoo Finance and Decrypt, under pressure of the Commission dozens of projects agreed to return money to investors and pay a fine. However, many startups that have received subpoenas and tried to satisfy the SEC, is not received in response to the position of financial regulator on them and not feel safe. They are also not allowed to disclose information on this topic.

We will remind, the day after the media reported about the large-scale proceedings the SEC in respect of the ICO became aware that the agenda was sent to divisions of the SEC from new York, Boston, and San Francisco at least 80 recipients. Later SEC also sent requests cryptocurrency hedge funds and the agenda of the managers of some of them.