A group of researchers from the American Institute of Technology the Stevens estate found that the price of bitcoin could increase tenfold thanks to the comments and posts of users of social networks. Such experts published in the pages of the journal of Management Information Systems.

Scientists came to this conclusion after examining comments from the users forum Bitcointalk for two years and posts on Twitter over the same period, with the mention of bitcoin — there were 3.4 million

Analysts have divided the comments into positive and negative, and their authors into two categories: active users and the “silent majority”, people who rarely mentions bitcoin.

In the end, scientists came to a rather unexpected conclusion: it appears that comments and posts of the active users of virtually no influence on the dynamics of bitcoin prices, while due to the terse statements “silent majority” the price is sometimes increased tenfold.

The leader of the study explains this paradox by the fact that active users of social networks may have certain intentions, in particular to create “hype” for the pumping rate of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, in which they have invested. Therefore, the words of those who write about bitcoin is rare and, most likely, sincerely expresses thoughts have much more weight and greater influence on the course than persuasive statements in support of or against this or that coin.

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