Russian Sberbank announced that, together with the National settlement Depository (NSD) is ready after the adoption of the laws “On digital of financial assets and attraction of investments using investment platforms” to ICO for their customers. Such a conclusion is made on the result of their test. ICO in the “sandbox” of the Bank of Russia.

“Participation in the sandbox of the Bank of Russia gave an opportunity to the experts of the Bank and departments, and also to form a working road map for the creation of legal conditions for the provision of the service, to evaluate such transactions and to minimize risks related to them”, – have informed in the savings Bank.

The Bank revealed details of the ICO on a test blockchain platform Mastercan. The Russian company Level One, providing services to commercial lectures in Moscow, placed 285,800 tokens at the expense of the savings Bank, which acted as the coordinator and anderrajterom embed. A few of these tokens went to pay for the unit online jobs of the Issuer – they were transferred from savings Bank accounts at the expense of Level One. The remaining funds “burned” by sending to the bad address in the blockchain.

As noted in the savings Bank, all actions within the transaction have been made with Noda, installed at NSD. He also acted as the custodian of the transaction, ensuring digital assets and calculations for their issue and circulation.

As the result, it was confirmed the benefits of the ICO for its members:

– the widest possible access to investment projects to an audience of institutional investors and their customers;

institutional investors have access to investments in tokens with minimal funds and resources;

– individuals receive convenient access to investments in tokens through the financial institutions whose customers they are.

Recall that in September, talking about ICO pilot at the test site, the Bank of Russia, Director of Department of financial market development, Central Bank of the Russian Federation Ivan Semagin said that although “technically everything went well, left a lot of questions from a legal point of view.” And yesterday head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that “cryptocurrency fever” in Russia ends.