Company Satis Group, providing consulting services in the ICO-sphere, published a study in which the authors, Doulat Sherwin (Sherwin Dowlat) and Michael Hodapp (Michael Hodapp), made projections for the cryptocurrency market and individual projects. So, according to them, if next year the cryptocurrency market will reach capitalization of $509 million, by 2028 it will rise to $3.6 trillion.

Satis Group

In the next 5 years bitcoin will rise to $96 thousand, ETH – up to $686, LTC to $134, and XMR to $18 thousand per unit. At the same time, the BCH will fall to $268, as cryptocurrencies other projects, which enjoys a great name, but represents the minimum technological advantages to his followers. XRP, according to analysts Satis Group, could cost up to $0,01, like other centralized scriptactive that is deceptive on the market and do not need in their networks. In the future, 10 years in Group Satis predict BTC at $143 thousand, ETH – $588, XMR – $39 thousand, BCH – $180, LTC at $225, and XRP – $0,004 per unit.

Satis GroupRecall that at the moment, according to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin is trading at $6855 per unit. Partner of venture Capital company Blockchain Spencer Bogart (Bogart Spencer) predicts a number of drops and the price of $10 thousand per unit to the end of the year. Founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets Pompliano Anthony (Anthony Pompliano) believes that this year the price of bitcoin could fall to $3000. The founder of hedge Fund Morgan Creek Capital Management mark Yusko (Mark Yusko) sees bitcoin at $500 thousand per unit in the long term of 6 years.