German software giant SAP has launched a cloud-based solution “blockchain as a service” — a platform designed to help corporations to develop applications based on the blockchain (DApp).

A cloud solution will provide businesses the infrastructure for creating business applications on the blockchain platforms such as the Linux Foundation launched Hyperledger Fabric in which SAP is one of the main participants.

The company said it has officially unveiled a new solution after it worked successfully in the blockchain-the SAP initiative with the participation of 65 companies. The programme on innovations in the field of blockchain, the project participants studied the application of technology in various industries including manufacturing, transport, food industry and pharmaceuticals.

Last month, SAP announced the launch of new initiatives in the field of blockchain — a joint project of tracking the supply chain of products with the participation of companies Johnsonville, Naturipe Farms and Maple Leaf.

In addition to this project, called “Farm to consumer”, the German company announced the creation of the branch blockchain consortium. The participants more closely cooperate in the framework of the blockchain innovation SAP and have more rights, including the right of ownership to the created products.