The last few months, the main topics for discussion at the crypto market are potential endorsement of bitcoin ETF American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), institutional investments and forecasts for the end of the year. While some continue to wait for a trend reversal of the current year, others talk bad or good signs are low trading volume and minimum levels of volatility of bitcoin.

Analytics platform data analysis Santiment believe that the rise of the stock market is already happening before our eyes. They made this conclusion based on the divergence dynamics ERC20-tokens and Ethereum, analysis of the activity in the public block chain and sentiment of users in social networks.

In the last newsletter entitled Signals discusses three factors that they believe support their point of view.

Although the current stability courses BTC and ETH may seem boring, analysts Santiment noticed that in the past month, “many of the projects based on the standard ERC-20 completely severed the relationship with the ETH course”.

For example, yesterday the rate of the Basic token Attention Token jumped 25% after the exchange Coinbase announced that it will hit on its platform. And two weeks before this, the cost of BAT is also increased by 25% with the release of updates for the browser Brave.

Separation of BAT | Source: SANbase

According to Santiment, tokens MKR and ZRX, apparently, too, follow a similar “script separation from Ethereum”, which is quite unusual, because BAT MKR and ZRX often follow the dynamics of the course of the broadcast.

Separation MKR | Source: SANbase

Separation ZRX | Source: SANbase

Analysts Santiment also found increased activity in the blockchains of cryptocurrencies, according to them, these data clearly discern the dynamics of growth. Their third factor is based on a rather non-standard technique of “behavior analysis” using the dimension “social values” of each token. For this, the researchers counted the number of references to each asset users, the media and other social media accounts associated with cryptocurrencies.

After weighing these three factors, experts Santiment came to the conclusion that cryptocurrency projects based on blockchain Ethereum is slowly but surely lead the stock market to rise.

In addition, in their opinion, before the inversion, the stock market may once again dive down, but Santiment confident enough in it to say:

“The market recovery has already begun. The question is no longer “when” it will happen – the question is, “who””. Discuss current news and events on the Forum