Large Spanish Bank Santander on his Twitter spread false information about the cooperation with the Ripple.

So, the question of the user about using XRP for payment, a Bank representative wrote: “We use XRP for the implementation of international payments in 18 EU countries and in the United States. Support is provided through our One Pay FX for the iPhone.”

Hey Wes, we’re doing great. We’re using XRP for international payments to 18 EU countries and the USA. This is on our iPhone app called One Pay FX. ^TC

Santander UK Help (@santanderukhelp) 23 Mar 2019

Although most holders of crypto currencies responded positively to the statement Santander, some of them drew attention to the fact that this news did not affect the growth of trading volume of XRP.

It soon became clear that the Bank was given wrong information.

We are sorry, unfortunately due to a misunderstanding we have given incorrect information. We do apologise for the confusion this has caused. One Pay FX uses xCurrent only. You can find out more here:

Santander UK Help (@santanderukhelp) 24 Mar 2019

“Because of the misunderstandings we have provided the wrong information. One Pay FX uses only xCurrent”, — I wrote to Santander.

xCurrent Ripple allows customers to make payments with the help of Fiat and digital currencies. A similar product, the operations which are performed with XRP cryptocurrency, called xRapid.

Despite the official apologies, some commentators suspected Bank market manipulation.

I hope this retraction is correct cause if you are using XRP and then denying it could be construed as manipulation of news 😡

— Lionel (@Lionel46294550) 24 Mar 2019

Recall, Santander presented the blockchain app One FX Pay for cross-border payments, which is based on technology developed by Ripple xCurrent, in April 2018. Initially it was available to residents of Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland.