On 20 July the Lithuanian platform of cryptocurrency payments CopPay announced that henceforth its customers in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas will be able to buy cryptocurrency smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other devices made by Samsung. The South Korean company will accept payments in bitcoins, Lytkina, ether, XRP, Dash, NEM and Steem. This writes Coinjournal.

In the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, cryptocurrencies take three Samsung store. In the Latvian capital Riga and the Estonian Tallinn is one such outlet. In addition to the three Baltic countries, services CopPay available in Portugal.

The company also announced that cryptocurrencies will soon be accepted as means of payment in online stores Samsung. The press release says:

There is a growing trend of digitalization of the business. Customers are increasingly unable to pay for goods and services in crypto-currencies — as global retailers and local restaurants.

Samsung Corporation is already working with the cryptocurrency sector. In January it announced that it was embarking on the production of graphics cards for mining. This was announced in the statement of income: the representatives of Samsung to believe that the growing demand for such devices will further increase revenues. In April, the company reported an annualized increase in industrial profits in the amount of 58% in the first quarter of 2018, partly driven by demand for chips for mining.

In addition, Samsung is using the blockchain to manage its global supply chain. According to published in April Bloomberg report, the giant electronic industry trusts this technology, sending goods worth tens of billions of dollars per year, which can reduce transportation costs by 20%.

Held in February, a survey showed small-business owners believe that within two years cryptocurrency payments will become a reality in the mass market segment. In turn, the study of eToro and king’s College London indicates that cryptocurrencies will become the generally accepted means of payment in the next ten years.