The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Italy Fabio Panetta (Panetta Fabio) at the European Finance forum SUERF said that in the short term, Central banks will not be able to issue its own digital currency, because it is not ready to significantly change their roles. At the same time, in the long pesrpective it is possible that “we live in a world with digital money.”

“As for banknotes, Central banks should take responsibility for the digital currency Central Bank (CBDC) and to ensure its own assets, reliability and (the observance of) the law. On the other hand, the responsibility for scriptactive does not belong to anyone, they are unsecured and there is no clearly defined management structure, which can guarantee that the value of the CBDC will not suffer from volatility, which is subject to scriptactive”, – he explained his position.

At the same time, Panetta acknowledged that the service CBDC compared to traditsionnymi money cheaper, and users with them will be able to stop using the mattresses as storage. In addition, this asset has credit risk support and ensure liquidity.

Recall that the Central Bank of Thailand launched a project aimed at creating a CBDC-based blockchain is the Bank that should make interbank transactions faster and cheaper.