Salesforce has received a patent to start their own blockchain platform that allows you to identify spam messages.

In a patent application published by the patent and trademark office, says that the new Protocol will most effectively and efficiently to filter the information coming from the Network.

Use the new product will the company have access to email and text services for the exchange of information. Blockchain platform will analyze every message coming in the Inbox or on the company’s account on the social network. All unwanted messages will be marked accordingly and enroll in a special section.

In Salesforce, I emphasize that the software is developed using blockchain technology will increase the productivity of its users, who will not spend the time on the processing of spam messages. The product of a startup will not only filter the incoming information, but also be able to determine the authenticity of the letter sent by the contractor company.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, said that his team relies on the use of technology a distributed registry, as it sees huge potential that can be considered when developing any quality product.

Increased interest in the blockchain shows U.S. tech giant IBM, which plans to launch the platform to detect counterfeit hard disk drives, coming for server centers.