According to statistics Salaries Report State of the 2018 international recruitment company Hired, searching staff in the IT sector, while the cryptocurrency market have gone down, the demand for blockchain-professionals is higher than ever. In the field of blockchain-development average salaries rose to $150-$175 thousand per year, while that for developers they are about $135 thousand a year. Thus, earnings blockchain developers have risen to the level of specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and is higher than colleagues from other areas.

According to Hired, the demand for new specialists began to grow as soon as blockchain technology drew attention to companies such as Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. The number of vacancy announcements in this direction with last year increased by 400%. And since the range of relevant candidates with knowledge and skills in database development, cryptography, and among others versed in such software languages as Java, JavaScript, C++, Go, Solidity, Python, and others is quite limited, this has fuelled wage growth.

Recall the study by recruitment company Glassdoor recently also showed that employment opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the United States this year has increased significantly. Almost half of the vacancies for blockchain-focused professionals in new York (24%) and San Francisco (21%). The most popular in the blockchain industry are technical and engineering, and leading software developers — they account for 19% of the total number of vacancies.