Provider of solutions for tokenization assets of real sector companies Stocken has announced a project to issue tokens of mining companies on the Ethereum blockchain. About this magazine ForkLog said the representatives of the company.

According to them, the ability to tie participation in the capital of companies to tokens will allow investors to invest in previously unavailable for investment shares of non-public companies, and receive all associated rights and benefits at the stage to IPO.

“Form token allows to achieve high efficiency of investment by reducing costs and full transparency of the investment process and to reduce the burden on investors, associated with an excessive number of bureaucratic procedures, which are inevitable when working with classic securities”, — says General Director of the company Stocken Alexey Sizov.

Stocken acts simultaneously as a provider of technical solutions and investment banking, helping investors to invest in assets selected and professionally evaluated companies under pre-IPO. After the company’s IPO tokens if desired, can be exchanged for common stock, or to continue to operate by them.

“For other categories of investors, accustomed to work with cryptocurrencies, tokens provide an opportunity to diversify risks. Despite the fact that in this case the yield may seem lower, secured by real assets the tokens are stable and less risk of loss of investments compared to digital currencies”, adds Mr. Sizov.

Once the company decides to issue tokens for subsequent sale to investors through the platform Stocken, the assets are deposited in an independent European trust. This solution guarantees a tough bunch of tokens and assets, and complete independence from the company provider. Only after that tokens become available for purchase by qualified investors.

As a platform for operations Stocken plans to use its own infrastructure platform Stocken board, which will provide as the primary issue tokens and track transactions after posting. Interface of the platform will allow investors in real-time to obtain current information on the activities of the Issuer.

The first issue of tokens of the Russian mining company is scheduled for September-October 2018. Until the end of the year it is planned to deploy several editions of the portfolio mandates of the company.

Recall that in early July, the Swiss exchange Open Mineral with the assistance of Ethereum-startup ConsenSys announced plans to use blockchain for trading in minerals.

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