One of the authors of the Russian draft law “On digital of financial assets” Anatoly Aksakov said that the second reading of the text was deleted the concept of “mining”. In particular, the head of the Duma financial market Committee said (it is quoted by “Interfax”):

We used to think about bitcoin as their “vratiti” in our economic system. Since decided that we don’t need them, these bitcoins incomprehensible, respectively, and mining, it turns out, is not necessary.

According to Aksakov, “if the law prescribed, what is mining, it would have to define and cryptocurrency”.

Aksakov also said that the new version of the bill does not stipulate the tax treatment for the miners. In his opinion, an appropriate system needs to install the IRS. He said:

In the work of the system that we have described, mining makes no sense.

In fact, Aksakov and his colleagues abandoned their previous intentions. 4 Oct the legislator said that “mining should be nalogooblozheny because […] a good living,” and argued that the concept of “mining” will be spelled out in the bill.

In may the state Duma has approved in the first reading the draft law “On digital of financial assets”. June 27, Anatoly Aksakov has informed “RIA Novosti” that parliamentarians carry the bill, designed to regulate the cryptocurrency circulation and holding of ICO, at its autumn session.