Russian Association IPChain signed a partnership agreement with the Department of innovation of the municipality of Tashkent. According to TASS, experts of the startup will help the authorities in the capital of Uzbekistan to implement blockchain technology in the field of intellectual property protection under the state program of the digitization of the economy.

The representative of the municipality of Tashkent Jasur Zakhidov said:

We hope that our cooperation with the Association IPChain will stimulate more rapid development of digital forms of intellectual property protection in Uzbekistan. Creative people, scientists and various inventors still do not know what material benefits you can get from your activities, if the time to register intellectual product.

The head of the Association IPChain Andrei Krichevsky said that one of the nodes blockchain network startup will be deployed on the basis of the patent office of the Republic. In Uzbekistan, the Association plans to launch the same services as in Russia. Special attention will be paid to the digitization of patent data in Tashkent.

In addition to the blockchain Uzbekistan shows interest in cryptocurrencies. Earlier it was reported that the authorities plan to license players in the cryptocurrency market to prevent the criminal use of digital assets.

Association IPChain specializiruetsya on the launch of blockchain-based products in the sphere of protection of intellectual property. In the list of founders of a startup are included the Fund “SKOLKOVO”, the Russian Union of rights holders, the Russian authors society, Higher school of Economics and the all-Russian intellectual property organization.