In the framework of the conference on the Moscow stock exchange held on Thursday, September 20, Russian banks have expressed willingness to serve transactions with digital currencies. In a conference on problems and prospects of the cryptocurrency market, took part representatives of the largest credit institutions.

It clarifies the RBC, the event were representatives of Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, National settlement Depository, Moscow exchange, Gazprombank, VTB and certain other banks and financial companies. The conference was also attended by experts of cryptocurrency NEM projects and Litecoin and crypto currency exchange BitFlyer Japanese.

A presentation was made by Luc Frieden, Chairman of the Board of the largest Bank in Luxembourg BIL and former Minister of justice of this state. He said:

Luxembourg is one of the leading financial centers of Europe. This region attracts investors due to the political and legal stability. And the Luxembourg authorities create the conditions under which high-tech companies can work as freely as possible.

The cryptocurrency industry is growing in Russia, but it is not sufficiently developed. It is therefore necessary to develop a legal framework that will not prevent its further formation.

Russian banks have expressed interest in transactions with digital currencies. But before they can begin, as yet not passed the law on transactions on a virtual market. So some lenders are in talks with companies from Japan and Singapore to create platforms where you can make deals with digital assets.

According to experts, banks can perform transactions on the account via their subsidiaries, as the law does not prohibit this. But in any case, you need to wait for the approval by the state Duma of the final version of the draft law on digital assets.