If you don’t want to develop in trading and investing is hard to escape and the sooner the better, the more money you save. For this year my advice many have ignored. In front of them was x’s and bucks. Now they have no business offline, no money. And all that was required to comply with the risk management. The market corrected in their firmware in the right direction.

In front of You two time chart: EURUSD and BTCUSD. Two couples are in the MA channels. Well, what they are? Are volatility and credit shoulders. Forex shoulders to 1 to 1000, for the cue ball to 1 to 100. My last poll showed that 70% use leverage more than 1 to 5. If you take the shoulder with the odds of 100/5=20. For Euro during the 1% kick it as much. Area sasikala the cue of 19% LB 1% * 20=20%. Due shoulders the markets are balanced among themselves. Next, the trader chooses where they feel comfortable to trade. I repeatedly wrote that quotetrader are now in 2005-2006, when Russia became a Forex. You go in its development 1 1. Found something new in THAT, I believe I have found the Holy GRAIL. And believe me, there is no GRAIL, it YOU have in mind (discipline and MM).

Look 15.01.2015 still , many companies went bankrupt because of the CHF appreciation on 21%. The debts of the companies on this fall amounted to hundreds of million dollars. Why? Because all the time to buy euros against the franc, because the SNB has maintained a 1.20 four years (intervention conducted). The glass was empty, no one sold the Euro below 1.19 and did not buy. So when the feet fly, then executed at the applications below parity. It’s like now empty glass down on the shopping on the cue ball, and you buy $ 1,000.

Need to trade in all markets (futures, currencies, stocks, options). You ATI speculators. Shit in what way is the price. You came to take money from the weak. You are a predator. Here is and press. Doubt in the transaction, do not enter or reduce the risk. It needs to be calculated before entering the market, not after. Thank you for listening.

Vlad Antonov