Developers private cryptocurrency Grin, which is based on the Protocol MimbleWimble from an unknown maker, announced the launch of its core network. However, because the launch associated with the testing of new technologies, users are warned about the possible risks of its use.

Mainnet launch is happening as we speak!
proposed bitcoin blockhash = 0000000000000000002a8bc32f43277fe9c063b9c99ea252b483941dcd06e217

😶 (@grinMW) January 15, 2019

The special features of the solution include scalability, decentralization, the lack of network addresses of users and information on previously conducted transaction, as well as continually generating new blocks and resistant to hacking from quantum computers PoW-hashing algorithm Cuckoo Cycle. Due to this, the blockchain Grin is easy enough to full nodes can be run even on mobile devices.

Also, the developers announced that in the future will spend a few hardforce for combating the use of ASIC mining hardware to mine.

First block found!

😶 (@grinMW) January 15, 2019

Recall that in the first days of this year officially launched the world’s first cryptocurrency based on the Protocol Mimblewimble – Beam. Thanks to the Transaction Cut-through in Mimblewimble have a Beam the size of the blockchain in 3-10 times less than that of bitcoin. The developers also claim that outsiders will not be able to obtain any information about the sender, the recipient or the transaction amount.