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What’s in this year for you? pic.twitter.com/PqZerKrZgI

— shitcoinlovers.shop (@shitcoinlovers) January 7, 2019.

This week the founder of TRON Foundation Justin San tried to lure into their ecosystem of DApps developers Ethereum and EOS, promising to save them from collapse.

Meanwhile, the Bitfinex team has suspended trading for a couple of technical manipulation.

The brothers Winklevoss published in The New York Times column “the Revolution we need rules”, for which he was harshly strolley. Because “revolutions need only the rule of consensus”.

Just a more dummie crypto memes #cryptomemes #btc #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/ZNklfFumS8

— Petite$uze (@PetiteSuze) January 9, 2019.



Home mining all.

my edit pic.twitter.com/VDvCjTD3oE

— ₿itcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) January 8, 2019.

would love to own that book lol from r/bitcoinmemes

Jeff Bezos’ wife is a better investor than all of us.$AMZN pic.twitter.com/kgKQK8NAqq

— Roy Blackstone (@StartaleTV) January 9, 2019.

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