CEO Roger Ver announced the intention to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange. To this end, it can either acquire an existing platform, or to find a partner to create a new product, according to Bloomberg.

Known as one of the early investors in the bitcoin space Roger Ver is currently one of the main popularizers Bitcoin Cash – Aldona, which broke away from the main bitcoin network in August 2017 in the result caused a lot of disputes hard forks.

Bitcoin Cash is the fourth largest capitalization in the rating CoinMarketCap and traded on most exchanges. However, the most popular coin can not boast, and now Roger Ver is planning to launch its own platform, where Bitcoin Cash will be the main currency.

“If we do it ourselves, it will cost us very cheap, and we get exactly what we want. We have, however, no sufficient level of security inherent in passed combat tests the exchanges,” he said.

Ver also added that the exchange will be running on making it daily would have “tens of thousands of new users.”

We will remind, earlier this year the website been heavily criticized due to the fact that he began the active promotion of Bitcoin Cash, positioning it as the “original” bitcoin and actually deceiving new users.

At some point, against Roger Faith, that nearly has not been filed, while CoinMarketCap removed the link from the page devoted to first bitcoin.

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