On 7 August, the blockchain platform BioCoin and payment service Robokassa announced a joint project — now Bioline you can pay in more than 50,000 online companies-partners in Russia. As the magazine ForkLog one of the founders BioCoin Boris Akimov, this agreement will be the beginning of a real revolution for the world of the blockchain.

“All owners bokonov — they bought them at the exchange or received as cashback within the loyalty system will be able to legally change them for hundreds of thousands of different goods and services. For the first time in Russia it will be possible to purchase goods and services online stores through the blockchain assets”, — said Akimov.

In fact Robokassa partners have become “forgiving” system partners loyalty BIOCON. That is, the buyer can redeem the loyalty system for any goods and services Robokassa partners.

“This site BioCoin have the opportunity to exchange Bioline as the right to claim bonus points, are recorded in the blockchain, these bonus points and have to buy food”, adds Boris Akimov.

The service Robokassa allows you to accept payments from customers via credit cards, in any e-currency, using mobile Commerce services, as well as through the Internet Bank leading banks, payments through ATMs or instant payment terminals, as well as through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Recall that in may in Russia launched a co-branded edition of the crypto cards from BioCoin and Talkbank. CRYPTOCard allows you to pay for any goods around the world in rubles and BioLink.