The brother of a Colombian drug Lord and politician Pablo Escobar (Pablo Escobar) , Roberto Escobar (Roberto Escobar) decided to help organize the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump) Trump Impeach Fund Fund using the private stablon ESCOBAR provided in American dollars.

According to the head of Escobar Inc. Olof Gustafsson (Olof Gustafsson), formerly Escobar tried to draw for this purpose of $50 million on the platform GoFundMe campaign ByeByeTrump, but got a denial of service, when it raised $10 million for 10 hours.

Pre-sale tokens ESCOBAR, created the standard ERC-20, will continue until may 10 of this year. At the moment, Escobar is ready to implement a 200 million tokens from planned to issue 1 billion tokens, and in June they will be repaid through the company in Belize.

Recall that last spring, Roberto Escobar also going to start a Diet cryptocurrency Bitcoin (DDX). According to him, bitcoin was created by the US authorities in order for the trick to bring investors to bankruptcy.