XRP Wednesday, October 24, shows the largest increase among cryptocoins included in the top ten. Coin company Ripple close prisosalis to around $0.5 and now trading at $0,48, rising more than 4.5%. Capitalization of a digital asset has grown to $billion of 18.46 Current value of cryptocurrencies can be found here.

Ripple is growing thanks to the decision of the Department of financial services of new York to allow the exchange Coinbase to store cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, litecoin, and Ripple the air. This will allow investors to securely and quickly seal the deal for the sale of the above coins.

Together with grow almost all XRP cryptocurrency of the top 10. Bitcoin and ether rose by 0.43 and 0.83%, to $6497 $204,4, respectively. The index of dominance of bitcoin was 53.6%, and the market capitalization of crypto-currency market reached $billion 210,35, it follows from CoinMarketCap.

According to most experts, over the next few months we will see a continuation of the positive trend, however, the breakthrough of bitcoin and the company is unlikely, according to CCN. Cryptocurrency market is demonstrating relative stability. He will be able to show significant growth only in the case if the trading platform will attract new investors to their capital.

The popularity of bitcoin as the main of a digital asset will not change significantly, and traders will have to bet on major altcoins.