Company RIF Labs introduced the first implementation of the Protocol in the form of name service for the network RSK, which will allow users easily find addresses and public keys using readable aliases and domain names.

RIF Labs Officially announces RSK Name Service (RNS) for Public Use
The service, which was launched in beta in November 2018, allows users to identify resources on the Network by RSK name

— rif os (@rif_os) 16 Jan 2019.

As noted in the company, without the domain name system, we would still have entered the IP address in memory, which would be hindered mass adoption of the Internet.

So, the messenger from RIF Labs, the release of which has not yet taken place, users will only need to enter the recipient’s name, not its address from the network RSK.

We will remind, earlier RIF Labs acquired Argentine blockchain startup RSK Labs, which develops open source platform for smart contracts two-way pegged to bitcoin.