The head of the international conglomerate Virgin Group sir Richard Branson has warned of the danger of schemes which create a cryptocurrency scammers. In particular, attackers increasingly are exploiting the name of the British billionaire when promoting their Scam projects.

“I repeatedly warned people about the widespread Internet fake stories linking me with schemes to get rich quick and trading binary options, and fake pages and misleading ads. I really often talked about the potential benefits of the original bitcoin, but have never supported and do not advertise any schemes for crypto-currency trading,” wrote Richard Branson.

He also said that the scammers often possess personal information about users, including place of work or real facts cryptocurrency investment.

“For the greater plausibility of the attack sites can often duplicate well-known news Agency, and references to them often advertised on social networks. In addition, Scam pages like Bitcoin Trader, I make likes on behalf of celebrities like bill gates or me,” said Richard Branson.

He added that lawyers of the Virgin Group are continuing the fight against fraud projects, discrediting the honor of the company. So, in the past year were examined hundreds of similar cases. In addition, Virgin Group cooperates with the police, helping law enforcement to close the main channels of dissemination of fake information, including in social networks.

“We advise you to remain vigilant and check the legitimacy of the sites and accounts from which you receive any information. Report all cases of fraud identified by you to the administrators of the platforms,” added Branson.

Note that sir Richard Branson has long supported the development of the blockchain. Stating in 2013 that “Virgin Galactic is time to accept bitcoin as payment for flights,” he, however, disappointed by the lack of meaningful progress in the struggle of financial regulators with fraud in the cryptocurrency market.

Recall that in late April, unknown hackers managed to steal 1 BTC under the guise of the drawing of cryptocurrency from the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov. In order not to arouse suspicion, the attackers hacked the verified Twitter account of the Swedish musical group Club 8, and to transform it into account.

Earlier it was reported that Google is under pressure from the FBI may completely prohibit the advertising of crypto-currencies and the ICO to avoid the introduction of misleading the users.