The startup team in mobile banking Revolut metal introduced contactless debit card Revolut Metal, through which users can get cashback of up to 1% in one of the 25 Fiat currency or cryptocurrency: bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, XRP, Ether and Litecoin.

This premiline payment card is made of reinforced steel, weighs 18 grams, and will cost its holder 12.99 GBP per month. The user also promise free shipping of the card within 1-3 working days in 180 countries, the possibility to carry out with its help, international payments at Bank rate, without commissions, insurance of the risk of delayed flights and Luggage, free Concierge service and health insurance during the stay abroad, the virtual card, the ability to withdraw via an ATM without a fee £600 or €600 per month, etc.

‘Starting today, Revolut”s heavy-duty, solid metal card is available, and it literally pays you to spend.’

— Revolut (@RevolutApp) August 22, 2018

Recall that Revolut rolled out to Premium customers the opportunity to buy, sell or trade in the same app bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether, along with 25 more cryptocurrencies in February of this year.