Friday, October 5, at kaptarenko continued period of relative calm: most of the top coins have experienced only minor UPS and downs.

Bitcoin and ether

In the last 24 hours bitcoin price fluctuated between $6500-6600 with a peak of $6605. The Ethereum followed the same trend: the price remained in the range of $219-225.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency market were $218 billion, market capitalization of bitcoin is $113 billion, the share of bitcoin in the market of 52.2%.

Bitcoin October 5:

The most successful altcoins

The day proved successful for Medibloc (MEDX). In recent days behind the token, the company got maximum profit on the stock market: of 100.19% against the U.S. dollar. Net profit was a result of the announcement of the listing of MEDX at the largest South Korean exchange Upbit.

Swarm (SWM) also showed good results during this session: 54,61% against the dollar. Bullish trend SWM started on 3 October and stored since then.

Now the price of the token SWM is $0,224, vnutricletocny the volume of trade — $128 104, and a market capitalization of $13 494 699.

There is every reason to believe that cryptocurrency will maintain the current pace if the project team will be able to publish a road map, and the platform will continue to gain popularity.

The token with the worst performance

Morning I observed a massive short-term profits HOQU (HQX) caused by the pump. However, after the breakthrough almost immediately followed by a price correction. The decline HQX was 24.27% against the dollar. Now the token is traded for $0,0068, vnutricletocny trading volume was $442 337.

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