Giant media Thomson Reuters will complement the data analysis tools information on 100 different digital currencies. It is reported СoinDesk.

Initially a feed of the bitcoin was launched by Thomson Reuters in partnership with MarketPsych Data LLC in March of this year. Package Thomson Reuters Cryptocurrency Sentiment MarketPsych Indices (TRMI 3.1) in the online mode keeps track of more than 2 million global 800 sources and social networks.

This product machine learning in combination with artificial intelligence are used to analyze the market sentiment, such as “excitement” or “hope” to give investors an understanding of the current situation.

“The launch of news feed cryptocurrency market in the number of solutions for various classes of assets allowed us to provide our clients with invaluable information that can help them to take strategic investment decisions”, — said the head of the Department of investment and consulting Thomas Reuters Pradeep Menon.

Supplemented with quantitative analysis package TRMI 3.1 uses a lot of additional tools, developed by experts in behavioral analysis of MarketPsych, “to identify the most important topics and faster to develop strategies of behavior.”

According to the CEO MarketPsyche Richard Peterson, news trends can be interpreted as positive or negative investment indicators. The flow of information around the cryptocurrency is based mainly on the messages of the forums and blog posts, so the analysis of market sentiment may be particularly sensitive indicator.

Recall that in March, Thomson Reuters announced that uses artificial intelligence within the product MarketPsych Indices to monitor more than 400 sources of information on bitcoin and identify sentiment investors.